Privacy Policy

I am a British Hypnodomme with a speciality in Financial domination, mind-control and brainwashing. There is a certain pleasure from raping a paypig’s wallet that you just cannot find elsewhere. I am in control and there is nothing you can do about it, but then, there’s nothing you want to do about it. You enjoy the power I have over you, this young, British Goddess whom you crave to serve with every ounce of your being. You cannot resist, you must not resist, you need only serve me and please me and you will gain pleasures you have only ever dreamed of. I believe that financial Domination is the ultimate show of devotion. Just imagine your entire life spent serving your mistress, everything you do to earn money will be for your mistress. All day everyday you will be reminded why you exist. Your mistress will give you purpose, I will give you a purpose and a reason to get up in the morning, a reason that will make participating in the day-to-day rat-race all worth it. Serve me, Please me, be completely devoted to me. All my subs must have intelligence and proper manners and etiquette as well as being honest, trustworthy, loyal and devoted. I do not suffer fools. I am not a quick-fix Goddess. I am not here to be bought, used and thrown away like a used tissue. I am a Goddess worthy of being served for a long time by a slave worthy of serving me. I like to build on chemistry with my slaves and work on a trusting Domme/sub relationship that will be fulfilling for the both of us. I do not take on just any man who waves a credit-card in my face, impress me because I know I have already impressed you Me as a Person: I often get mistaken for being the typical dumb-blonde but this is not the case. Yes, I can be the bratty little princess Barbie should I need to be but intelligence is one thing I value above most other things. I believe one must constantly learn and improve oneself and never stop growing as a person. I am interested in physics, Greek, Roman and Asian history, Nature and the Environment, Culture etc. I enjoy a number of things ranging from dancing to Video Games. I am a real Gamer Girl and could probably spend most of my life playing Video Games if I didn’t have important Princess things to do! I love fashion and shopping, taking photos, going for walks, reading and writing, and music. Although I’m a Gamer Girl, I don’t play games with real life. I am not an actress, this is me, take it or leave it but I expect the same honesty and courtesy from anyone who approaches me. tribute [ˈtrɪbjuːt] n 1. a gift or statement made in acknowledgement, gratitude, or admiration.